Studio Lysehus

Studio Lysehus

- artwork in handmade porcelain and stoneware

Handmade and unique

The objects I make are handmade and unique. No two objects are alike, but can often form part of a series. I work mostly with porcelain, because I like the crisp, white expression it has when it's finished burning. Therefore, I often leave the outside of objects without icing. It is also important that the fine white color emerges, so I rarely cover an entire object with colored glaze. I also decorate items and jewelry with real gold.

About me

I'm a creative soul who is also a lawyer and attorney. After more than 16 years as a full-time lawyer, I have now made a choice to get an outlet for my creative side. I have therefore established Studio Lysehus to produce applied art in porcelain and stoneware.

Porcelain is a natural product

Porcelain is a natural product and can be demanding to work with. It is whimsical during the whole process from shaping, drying, raw fire and glaze fire. Not infrequently the result has cracks - if it has not already cracked along the way. It is this uncertainty that makes it so exciting to work with!

The finished result is strong, and I take pretty much everything in the dishwasher. However, I always recommend hand washing for safety. Objects with gold do not dishwasher safe.